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Rhinoplasty is the name of the operation performed to solve the problems related with the external appearance of the nose. Rhinoplasty  is the most frequently performed plastic surgery both in Turkey and in the world. After supplying basic needs such as housing and nutrition, people naturally pay more attention to their appearance. Rhinoplasty is the one of these important priorities. As a social beings people communicate with each other face-to-face in society. Therefore, any abnormalities in the face attracts other people’s attention. Recently, with the influence of social media, people like having their photos taken more, so that causes an increase in the tendency for rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty operations are misperceived as nose reduction, increment of tip rotation or making the nose more curved. But contrary to popular belief, rhinoplasty surgeries are the operations which gain natural looking to nose, make change in the facial expression and provide increment in one’s self-confidence. For male patients, rhinoplasty can be performed after the age of 17 and for female patients after the age of 16. Negative effect on facial expression due to deformity in your nose changes after the surgery and it contributes you a positive effect in your communication with others in the social environment and increases your self-confidence.

Who should get rhinoplasty?

  1. If you get a negative reaction from people due to the shape of your nose,
  2. If you have tip ptosis or overrotation, small, big, wide nose, looking like compressed by latch, dorsal hump, concave on nasal dorsum, wideness on nasal dorsum, asymmetry between the both sides of the nose, crooked nose congenitally or trauma related,
  3. If you don't like the appearance of your nose in the mirror or in the photos,
  • We don't advise you to have a rhinoplasty if you still don't like your nose despite the fact that your nose is in harmony with your face within reasonable limits, we recommend you to get an expert support.  
  • In the past only celebrities have had rhinoplasty, nowadays anyone with visual problem in their nose can have rhinoplasty.

The nose, which is the most remarkable organ in the middle of our face, has a number of functions other than visuality. There are important functions such as smelling, breathing, humidifying, filtering and heating the air breathed, shaping the voice. These functions should be taken into consideration, when performing rhinoplasty. In other words, when performing a rhinoplasty operation, these important functions of the nose should not be damaged and even there is any problem, they should be fixed in the same surgery. A person who has a nose with a nice shape but has difficulty in breathing will not be happy with this result. Nose should be considered as a whole. Both the appearance and the functions should be well.

Before rhinoplasty surgery; sufficient time should be provided to the patient, if necessary, the patient should be invited for re-examination, patient expectations should be paied attention meticulously, it should be discussed whether the expectations are realistic or not, patient’s fears must be eliminated, detailed information should be given about the operation procedure, detailed ear-nose-throat examination should be made, harmozation within the nose itself and between nose and other parts of the face should be analyzed. Since everyone's face and nose structures are different, plans should be made personally. Photos should be taken from different sides/angles before surgery, a simulation study should be performed on the photographs taken. The Photoshop study has a great importance in terms of understanding the patient's expectations and the doctor's surgical plan. In Preoperative period, patients should be warned that they should stay away from drugs and foods (herbal teas, broccoli, cucumber, spinach, potato, mushroom, olive, tomato, cherry, avocado, apple, mandarin, apricot, blackberry, grape, pine nut, pistachio, almond, cumin, dill, rosemary, oregano, turmeric, mustard etc) that increase bleeding.

In rhinoplasty surgery; Some interventions are carried out on the cartilage, bone and alar base that form the structure of the nose. Nasal bones can be rasped and cut, excess cartilages can be taken, cartilage can be added if there is weakness or deficiency, if the alar base is wide, it can be narrowed.  Unsuccessful rhinoplasty surgeries performed previously can be corrected by revision surgery.

Who should perform the rhinoplasty surgery, a plastic surgeon or an otorhinolaryngologist?

Both ear-nose-throat specialist and plastic surgeon who are interested in rhinoplasty and have experience in this area can perform rhinoplasty. But only ENT specialists receive training on the nose. In the USA, Europe and also in Turkey, most of the facial plastic surgeons are otorhinolaryngologists.

The purpose of rhinoplasty is to reshape the nose in harmony with forehead, eyebrow, eye, cheek, lip and chin while keeping the nasal functions well. In addition, the patient and the doctor should be satisfied with the result. Despondency related with the nose should be eliminated. After surgery, the appearance of nose should be natural and untreated, for men more obvious lines are desired, while transition of the nose lines should be soft for women, attention should shift from nose to eyes. Nose should seem well not only from the profile, but also from the frontal  and oblique view. 

The period after rhinoplasty: After surgery, communication with patients should be kept tight, patients should be recommended not to wear glasses and sunbathe (if they are exposed to sun, wearing hats and using sun creams with a high protection factor are recommended.) not to do exercise heavily and to protect their noses against trauma. Patients should be called for the follow-up examinations at regular intervals, minor problems that can be solved without surgery should be solved in early controls. After an unsuccessful operation, if there is a significant pathology, the surgeon should accept the failure and perform the revision surgery.


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